Truck ultrasonic Parking Sensor

Truck ultrasonic Parking Sensor

Truck ultrasonic Parking Sensor


The ultrasonic digital visual parking sensor monitor system is an advanced vehicle reversing assistance device that combines ultrasonic sensors and digital radar sensor technology to help reduce visual blind spots around the vehicle and improve driving safety. Provide drivers security with comprehensive driving, reversing, and parking assistance.


The following is an introduction to some basic functions of GUANGZHOU LEESEN TECHINOLOGY company's ultrasonic digital visual radar sensor all-in-one machine:


  1. Technology integration:  Intelligent algorithms.Advanced algorithms are used to process sensor and camera data, improving detection accuracy and response speed.Integrating the close range detection capability of ultrasonic sensors with the long-distance detection capability of digital sensor onto a 7-inch high-definition display screen, achieving easier installation and saving installation costs.


  1. Digital display: Equipped with high-definition digital display screen, it displays real-time detection distance information of obstacles around the vehicle, including distance and direction. Provide clear obstacle distances for drivers to avoid risks in advance. Reduce the occurrence of accidents.


  1. High definition visibility: Supports high-definition AHD1080P camerainput, providing clear images to help drivers better view the front and rear environment.


  1. Compact design, purchased L-shaped bracket installation, no need for drilling, easy to install on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle, without affecting the appearance of the vehicle.


  1. Compatibility: The built-in design includes various different vehicle models, but it can also be adapted and compatible according to specific vehicle models.


  1. Intelligent warning system: When obstacles or potential dangers are detected, the system will remind the driver through buzzing sound or voice and visual feedback.The detection distance is 0.3m-5m,alarm distance is 0.3-3m.


  1. Allow users to adjust alarm distance, warning sound, and other settings based on personal preferences.


  1. Durability and reliability: Choose a durable style, such as our company's design using a metal shell bracket to withstand adverse weather and temperature changes, ensuring long-term stable operation.


  1. Installation method: It can be professional installation or DIY installation, depending on the product design and user's technical ability.


  1. After sales service: Provide detailed installation guidelines and customer service to ensure that users can solve any problems they encounter during use.


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