12.3inch Electronic rearview mirrors side blind view monitoring system

12.3inch Electronic rearview mirrors side blind view monitoring system

Electronic rearview mirrors system replace the traditional optical lenses with a combination of cameras and monitors. Cameras installed outside the vehicle can transmit real-time images to the interior screen. It plays an important role like a pair of "eyes" outside the driver's car vehicle. The conventional rearview mirror of a car vehicle will leave a blind spot angle of approximately 60 degrees. These invisible blind spots, also known as blind spots in rearview mirrors, can easily become dangerous hazards. At this time, electronic rearview mirrors system can reduce the blind spots to some extent in the rearview mirror.


What are the advantages of electronic rearview mirror side blind monitor system?

  1. Dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Waterproof good. The exterior camera is waterproof and high-definition night vision, and the image is displayed on 12.3inch mirror screen inside of vehicle, which can avoid blurred vision caused by rain and fog in the car vehicle windows and reduce the risk of driving in adverse weather. At night, it can also achieve an automatic brightening effect.

  1. A broader perspective

Electronic rearview mirrors system have broken through the limitations of traditional optical rearview mirrors in terms of mirror curvature, size, angle, and other factors. They can obtain a larger field of view display through technological means, reduce blind spots, and improve driving safety index.


Electronic rearview mirrors systems are use for various types of buses, coach and trucks, etc. Two dual lens cameras were used on both sides of the vehicle instead of traditional mirrors, and the corresponding information was collected and displayed on the corresponding display screen inside the vehicle, forming a continuous and clear image. The display scheme of electronic rearview mirrors will move towards more concise visual scheme. Saying goodbye to blind spots is safer.


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