How to choose vehicle backup car camera?

How to choose vehicle backup car camera?

Backup car cameras are important devices used for monitoring and assisting driving in cars vehicle, and they play a core role in driving technology. What kind of vehicle car camera is good? The performance of vehicle car mounted cameras can be evaluated from the following aspects:

1. Sensors

CCD and CMOS chips are important components of the reverse camera, which can be divided into CCD and CMOS according to their different components. CMOS sensors are currently the most common, but CCD sensors perform better under low light conditions, but they are usually more expensive.

2.Resolution (clarity)

Clarity is one of the important indicators for measuring cameras. Generally speaking, the higher resolution, the better clarity. Products with high resolution will have better image quality. However, depending on the chip level and photosensitive components of each camera, including the level of debugging technicians, products of the same chip and level may present different quality effects. This also depends on what type of lens is used, and lenses with good materials will have better image presentation effects. On the contrary, lenses made of inferior materials will also have poor image presentation effects. Choose a high-resolution camera, such as a 1080P camera, to ensure clear images.

3.Lens: Select the appropriate field of view angle based on the application scenario. At present, the wide-angle of front view camerasis between 120 ° -150 °, and rear view cameras is usually between 120 ° -140 °. And side view cameras is usually around 90 degrees. Wide angle lenses can provide a wider field of view according to the needed and effect of application scenarios.

4.Night vision: The night vision effect is related to the resolution (clarity) of the product. Generally, high-quality products have night vision function. Different chips produce different image object effects and colors, but clarity is not a problem. If there are infrared lightsor LED light supplementary lighting, night vision will be clearer and more visible.

5.Waterproof effect: Most reverse camera products support waterproof function.

6.Installation and Compatibility: Ensure that the vehicle car camera is compatible with your existing display devices and systems. They are usually used in conjunction with in car displays or navigation systems to provide reverse imaging or other monitoring functions.

By considering these factors, you can choose the most suitable vehicle car camera according to your own needs.

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