Van Brake Light Reversing Camera

Van Brake Light Reversing Camera

How to choose a Brake light camera for your MPV Van

The Van Brake Light Reversing Camera is specifically designed  for MPV Van models. It is usually seamlessly integrated with the original factory 3rd brake light and installed on the 3rd brake light position to improve the driver's visibility when reversing and ensure safety. Here is a basic introduction to the 3rd brake light camera:


Brake light camera main functions :


  1. High definition display: Provides clear images that can clearly display the situation behind the vehicle even at night or in low light conditions.


  1. Night vision function: Adopting a high-definition 1920 * 1080 resolution chip sensor to enhance visibility when reversing at night.


  1. Wide angle view: Provides a wide angle view  to help drivers see more areas behind the vehicle, reducing the danger caused by blind spots.


  1. Installation position: seamlessly integrated with the 3rd brake light, allowing for direct replacement of the original tailgate handle. After installation, it provides a stylish and beautiful appearance. Its high-definition provides clear and detailed visual effects, ensuring that you can safely parking and reversing in narrow spaces. The waterproof structure ensures reliable performance in all weather conditions, and the night vision function can improve visibility even in low light environments.


  1. Compatibility: Standard is NTSC TV system, waterproof IP68, RCA video plug input, suitable for installation on all aftermarket screens/displays/navigators. Ensure compatibility and ease of installation.


  1. Easy to operate: When the vehicle is in reverse gear, it automatically triggers the camera working .


7.Durability: The design is equipped with a pure copper waterproof and anti falling plug, with a wide voltage of up to 12V-DC 36V. It supports mirror switches and non-mirror switches, and comes with a fuse to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, dust, and high temperatures. Avoiding camera burnout due to high power.


  1. Installation method: It can be professional installation or DIY (DIY installation), depending on the user's technical ability and understanding of product design.


  1. After sales service: Understand the warranty period and customer service provided by the manufacturer or seller to ensure that any problems encountered during use can be resolved.


When choosing a Van Brake Light Reversing Camera, the above factors should be considered to ensure that the selected product can meet personal needs and provide a good user experience.

Van Brake Light Reversing Camera

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