4CH 7 -inch 10.1 -inch BSD monitoring system

4CH 7 -inch 10.1 -inch BSD monitoring system

4 -channel BSD (blind spot detection) detection and monitoring system is an advanced vehicle safety auxiliary equipment that is mainly used to monitor the blind spots around the vehicle and issue early warning to remind the driver to reduce the danger caused by the blind spot. The following is the main function of the 4 -channel BSD detection monitoring system。

1.4 Channel cameras monitoring: This BSD system supports 4pcs high -definition 1080P cameras input, which can cover the blind spots on the front, back, left and right sides of vehicle, and provide a more comprehensive security monitoring solution.

  1. BIBIBI buzzer alarm: When BSD system detects other vehicles or pedestrians in the blind spots, the driver will be reminded by BIBIBI sound to avoid potential collisions or accidents.
  1. Real -time monitoring: BSD system can monitoring the scene image around the vehicle in real time and continue to provide the driver with blind spot information.
  1. HD night vision: BSD system is equipped with a high -definition night vision camera, which can provide clear images even at night or low visibility conditions.
  1. Waterproof function: The waterproof camera ensure reliable performance under all weather conditions.
  1. Multimedia Integration: This 4CH BSD system also provides multimedia functions, such as anti-oil theft alarm and MP5 player to enhance the user experience.
  1. Installation flexibility: The BSD system design is suitable for various vehicle. It is convenient for installation and can flexibly adapt to various vehicles. It supports the choice of alarm 2channel or 4channel.
  2. Intelligent algorithm: 4channel BSD detection monitoring system adopts advanced image recognition and processing algorithms. Through integrated advanced monitoring and early warning technologies, accuracy and response the speed of BSD system is improved to ensure stable operation in all weather. It has significantly improved the safety of large vehicles truck, especially suitable for vehicles with large blind spots such as trucks and buses.
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