Behind the Scenes: Installing Our 360 Panoramic Camera System in a van

Behind the Scenes: Installing Our 360 Panoramic Camera System in a van

 In the pursuit of innovation and transparency, we invite you behind the scenes as we prepare and test our groundbreaking camera products. Today marked a significant step as we transformed a van into a mobile testing lab for the installation testing of our 360 Panoramic Camera System. Join us on this journey as we walk you through the meticulous process of installing four cameras and ensuring a seamless integration.

Installation Process:

The first task on our agenda was the installation of the four cameras that make up our 360 Panoramic Camera System. The front-view camera found its place on the baffle above the car's front logo. A careful consideration of aesthetics and functionality led us to this location. The connecting cable is strategically routed from under the front hood to the driver's seat, ensuring both a tidy appearance and ease of use.


Moving to the left and right views, we strategically installed the cameras above the rear seat window. Rigorous testing confirmed that this positioning remains unaffected by the door's opening or closing, ensuring uninterrupted functionality. 




 As for the rear view camera, it found its home on the top of the rear door, carefully chosen to avoid any interference with the door's operation.




 Cable Management:

Cable management is crucial to both the functionality and aesthetics of our 360 Panoramic Camera System. We selected connecting lines that occupy minimal space, carefully avoiding any impact on the use of the car doors. To secure the cables, we employed double-sided tape, providing stability without compromising the vehicle's structure. An additional layer of latex was added for extra security, ensuring durability under various conditions.

Centralized Connectivity:

Ensuring user convenience, we gathered all connectors at the passenger seat. This strategic decision streamlines the installation process and allows for easy access to the 7-inch display screen and the host computer of the 360 system. This central location enhances accessibility and simplifies future maintenance, demonstrating our commitment to user-friendly design.

Upcoming Steps:

While today focused on the physical installation of our 360 Panoramic Camera System, tomorrow holds the promise of fine-tuning and debugging the equipment. We are eager to ensure that every aspect of our system operates flawlessly. For those intrigued by the process, we invite you to follow our journey on our YouTube channel, where we will continue to provide updates and insights. Stay tuned for a closer look at the heart of our innovation!


Transforming a van into a mobile lab is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. As we forge ahead, we look forward to sharing the results of our meticulous testing and installation process. Join us on this exciting venture, and witness firsthand how our 360 Panoramic Camera System is reshaping the future of automotive technology.

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