How to choose a security camera for your machinery?

How to choose a security camera for your machinery?

"2.4GHz wireless camera monitoring system.

The reason is wireless connection, which is convenient for installation and does not require complex wiring, which can save a lot of installation costs and time.So how to choose a product that suits oneself? Mainly consider the following key characteristics:

  1. Display screen: AHD 7-inch display screenshould provide clear images and sufficient brightness, which can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight. Considering the mechanical working environment, it is recommended to choose a metal shell material and support waterproof function.
  1. Night vision function: Thecamera should have good night vision ability, using technologies such as infrared lights or LED to ensure clear images can be provided even at night or in low light environments.
  1. Waterproof level: Especially for outdoor working, cameras and displays should have a high waterproof level, such as IP69K, to resist adverse weather conditions.
  1. Video quality: Choose a system that supports at least 720P or higher resolution, such as 1080P, to achieve clearer video quality.
  1. Anti-interference ability: Wireless systems should have strong anti-interference ability, using technologies such as 2.4GHz frequency band and DSSS (direct sequence broadening spectrum) to ensure connection stability and privacy.
  1. Easy installation: The system should be designed to be easy to install, and some products can even be installed within 30 minutes.
  1. Power options: Consider the power options of the camera, some systems may include rechargeable batteries and magnetic bases, increasing flexibility in use. It can also be directly powered from the machinery itself.
  1. Storage and recording selection: The system should support SD card recording and have functions such as motion detection, timed recording, or pre recording.
  1. User reviews: View reviews and feedback from other users to understand their actual usage experience, including installation difficulty, image clarity, night vision effects, and overall durability.
  1. Technical support: Selectmanufacturerswho provide good customer service and technical support to obtain assistance during installation or use.
  1. Price and Value: Consider whether the price of the system matches the features and performance. Ensure that you get a value good product.
     15.LEESENKam 2.4GHz wireless camera with 7inch waterproof IP69K               monitor kit.High quality metal material,HD 1080P video with night                        vision,support SD card video recording.Good service is our advantage. 



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