Steps and Tips for Calibrating a 360-Degree System

Steps and Tips for Calibrating a 360-Degree System

The realm of 360-degree systems holds immense significance across various applications. Following our exploration of the installation process in the preceding article, this piece underscores the imperative nature of debugging for the seamless functionality of a 360-degree panoramic system.

Preparation Steps:

A. Adjust Camera Angle and Fixation:

Ensuring the harmonious synthesis of the final image mandates consistent angles among the four cameras. This involves aligning their perspectives based on the displayed screen images and securely fixing them in place using screws.

B. Measure Distance Around the Vehicle:

Precise measurements of the vehicle's length are foundational before embarking on the debugging process. Planning and marking distances around the vehicle provide the necessary parameters for subsequent image stitching.

C. Prepare Debugging Cloth:

Strategically placing the debugging cloth in pre-defined areas is pivotal. The black and red squares on this cloth serve as vital calibration targets, facilitating accurate adjustments.

Calibration Process:

A. Operate the Screen for Calibration:

Accessing the debugging settings menu, entering the password, and initiating the calibration process are critical steps. Aligning five points on the screen with corresponding squares on the debugging cloth is imperative. Each camera necessitates individual calibration to ensure the seamless creation of a 360° 3D panoramic image.

B. Test Calibration Results:

Upon completing adjustments, restarting the device reveals the stitched image. Identifying defects prompts re-entry into the debugging interface for further refinement.
Trigger Left and Right Inversion of the Image: Observe Image Changes and Make Adjustments.

In conclusion, a succinct summary of the key debugging steps is provided. Emphasis is placed on the pivotal role of system debugging to guarantee stable operations and the delivery of high-quality panoramic images.

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