The process requirements of vehicle mount camera

The process requirements of vehicle mount camera

Vehicle mounted camera process requirements

Compared with industrial security cameras and mobile phone cameras. Vehicle mounted cameras require stable operation under various complex working conditions, such as high and low temperatures, humidity, strong and low light, and vibration. Therefore, vehicle car cameras have higher safety levels and process performance requirements. Considering safety factors, automobile manufacturers tend to choose component manufacturers with mature technology and guaranteed quality. GUANGZHOU LEESEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has been in this industry for more than 12 years. Support OEM&ODM products.In terms of performance, at present, the pixel requirements for vehicle car cameras are not as high as those for industrial security cameras and mobile phone cameras.Generally between 300000 and 2 million pixels. However, vehicle car cameras have higher requirements for detection angle and range, with wide-angle lenses usually used for front view cameras and rear views cameras are 120 to 150 degrees, and side view blind spot cameras between 60 and 90 degrees. Overall, vehicle car cameras have high technological barriers.

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